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Paver Patio

A good number of paver patio designs are based on the evergreen shrub, Azalea, which although generally not associated with grassy areas or greenery tends to be found growing wild along the edges of many lawns. Paver pavers can also be laid down as a border for large patches of land, mimicking the appearance of soil erosion over time.


When looking for a new addition to your property, such as a pavilion, it is important to consider all of your options before choosing the best design. Landscaping a new pavilion or addition should encompass your goals and needs for your new addition, as well as any nearby properties. Whether you’re looking for a combination of shade and protection, a place to a cookout with friends, or a relaxing and comfortable place to sit and relax, your chosen landscaping project should blend beautifully with your home’s surrounding environment.

Paver Walkway

What is a Paver Walkway? A paved walkway is basically a flat footer. Paver footers are generally used to help define the edge of a front yard and usually help finish off the perimeter of the home boundary line. This is a simple but functional way to create a solid and defined walking surface that is pleasing to the eye, while providing a functional purpose.


A pergola also extends your outdoor living area and adds to the time you can spend outdoors. If you’re thinking about adding a pergola to your backyard, landscaping for it may be the best way to go. Pergolas are a great landscaping project that gives homeowners an opportunity to add some greenery and beauty to their outdoor space while also extending their home’s usable living area.

Turf Installation

If you are considering an upgrade to your sports fields or other outdoor building and need the help of a professional team that specializes in turf installation, there are some great companies out there that can help you. The most common type of artificial grass used in North America is called polyethylene turf. This product is usually quite resistant to wear and it can withstand any kind of weather – even heavy snowfall – so you will be able to enjoy your sports even when the ground is frozen for weeks at a time!

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